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That special uniqueness that is in all of us, that special creative spark, will flare and burn brightly, if nourished properly. All forms of art are dependent upon the creativeness of the originator or performer, they are non-existant without the dreamer. No two works can ever be the same, this artist/creator, brings different thoughts, ideas/ideals, dreams, and visions to any creative work of art.

The materials to be used, are totally dependent upon the dreamer's hand and mind. Their uniqueness rests in the artists search and discovery process; search of self, search of his environment. It is through exploration and experimentation that we keep, nourish and expand our talents, ambitions, desires and creativeness.

Whole volumes have been written about nurturing the creative spark. Creativeness can be learned, cultivated and expanded. An artist must work at being creative and they keep the creative edge by doing. Here is a list of exercises designed to help.

Taking a weekly art class is a great way to keep your enthusiasm revved. Also painting with a group that is on your level will help you grow as an artist. The isolation required of an artist can cause us to become ingrown and stunted. There must be a healthy balance of time alone to work and time to socalize and be with others of like mindedness.

Wm. W. Woollcott said: In art I pull no high-brow stuff, I know what I like, and that's enough.

Author : Kay Milam
Copyright -2003
All Rights Reserved
Kay Milam is an artist/teacher, lecturer and painting demonstrator.
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