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Collecting our supplies is half of the fun of painting!

What artist, or wanna be artist, doesn't salivate at the appearance of the mail order art catalog. It used to
be the Sears or Speigel, not so any more. Now we look forward to Cheap Joes, Napa, Mister Art, Jerry's
Art A Rama, Daniels, and so on.

The internet has certainly made shopping much easier. In just a few days your supplies can be at your door.

The amount of supplies we amass can be staggering. We suddenly need a whole room of our own. And it gets worse, we will grow to fit our new space! We can't help it; it goes with the territory! ;-)

You will find listed below, many things to help you. In aiding you to do your art, lightening the
load and freeing up needed space.


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To make painting outdoors enjoyable, lighten up!
Here are ways to do that.

Make a simple outdoor painting kit with a thin
empty Huggies box






Framing A View

Are you at a loss when you get outdoors, about what to paint? When we are faced with that huge landscape, it can be daunting.

Here is a simple way to narrow the view down.


Author : Kay Milam

Copyright-2002 All Rights Reserved

A bit about me.. I have painted, made sculptures, and taught art in my private studio and higher
learning classes in two colleges, to both childern and adults.



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