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Creativity - Now That You Have It


A creative person will do their creative thing regardless of finances or circumstances. They cannot help themselves! They are the producers. That creativeness can be put to work in the market place
or kept in the back room.

A creative homemaker will decorate that home without knowing all the rules that apply to coordinating colors and mixing and matching furniture and do a wonderful job in the process.

The creative gardener will make beautifully coordinated flower beds, topiaries out of his bushes, the welder will make useful and decorative items from metal, the list goes on and on.

Some people make money being creative, others don’t, and aren’t interested. Irregardless, your creativeness will surface and make itself known; in the way you decorate your space, the way you dress,
etc., in your very own particular way of seeing the world.

Every artist, and there is one in each of us, has their own unique way of seeing. No two people will even see a color in the same way.And no two works of art are ever alike.It’s almost impossible for the same person to make a duplicate.No matter how similar the object, they will be different.

The creative person (that’s you & me) brings an insight and an individualism to their art work that is so very different and unique. And in that uniqueness, speaks to the viewer.

That is what art is all about ……speaking. Speaking to the art collector, the homemaker who wants to
put something beautiful on her wall, to the consumer looking at the advertisements, to the person shopping for new clothing.

This dialogue goes on and on. The world is full of art, both in nature and in the man made. We, you and I, can be a part of this; make the effort, it’s worth it.


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