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Values--Not Yours--The Paintings!!

Do you have a difficultly in knowing if your values
are correct? There are simple ways to help you decide.

Lets clarify...what are values? Value is the range of
darks andlights in our painting, irregardless of color.









































This is a value scale. All colors will fit somewhere on this scale. For example:

White fits #1 - Yellow #2 - Red #5 - Ultramarine Blue #8 - Black #10


To help you see values view your painting through
colored plastic.

· Buy a 5 X 7 piece of red, green or blue
plexi-glass or cellophane. These three colors will change
the colors in your painting to shades of gray and aid
you in clarifying your value pattern.

Squint to see the values more clearly.
If a value jumps out at you, you can't take your eyes
off it, your eyes keep going back to it, then you know
that area has not taken it's place in your value scheme.

A mirror for viewing the painting gives a
totally different perspective. You are looking at
it in reverse and many times your mistakes will
become apparent.

Make a black mirror by spray painting flat
black paint on one side of a 5x7 piece of glass. Tape
the edges.
Turn your back on the painting and look at your
art work in the mirror.

The black of the mirror changes the colors
and all you see are the darks and lights.

Which by the way, are just about the most
important things to consider when making art. The darks
and lights make up the value pattern or blueprint of our
art. We must have a working blueprint for our venture.

· Viewing your painting in the mirror or
turning it upside down, will give different views and will
refresh your vision of the art work and show up inaccuracies.

Squint often at your painting, your value pattern
will show up better.

Soften most of the edges, at the center of interest
have sharper edges and more vivid color.





Author : Kay Milam

Copyright-2002 All Rights Reserved

A bit about me.. I have painted, made sculptures, and taught art in my private studio and higher
learning classes in two colleges, to both childern and adults.

My paintings are in galleries in Texas, in private collections, and may be viewed at my website.

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