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Altered Books and Hand Made Art Books


These hand-made art books are just something I have gotten interested in.
I won't be teaching how to do this stuff, as there are wonderful sites
with videos showing every aspect of making books.



Altered book, wedding book, brides book, handmade book

To see the complete hand-made wedding book click here.

The book its self was purchased and has embedded flower petals and looks
very nice for a wedding book. I removed it from its binding to work on each page.
Then because of the depth I put it together with snap together rings.

Read more and view more pages of the wedding book.



This hand made book was made from cardstock and patterned papers, beads,
fibers, ribbons, tags and sayings.
I took an online class with Christine Zillner at Roses On My Table - www.rosesonmytable.com
The images were free and I may gotten them from her class. I have forgotten right at this moment! ;-)

alteredbook,art book, artist handmade book

The book is accordian folded and measures about 6" x 6".
It's made to stand up on a mantel or table for easy viewing.
Click here to view the book.




All artwork by artist Kay Milam




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