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The Story of Little Orphan Annie

A Little Baby Goat No One Wanted

With Pictures

This is a true story. Once upon a time there was a baby girl goat that no one wanted. :-( Her very own mama didn't want her. Mama goats usually have twins and sometimes she rejects one of the babies. And this mama rejected her little girl goat.

Now..this little girl goat would have died but we said, "WE WANT THE BABY GIRL GOAT, she can come live with us". And that's just what she did. She rode home in the front of the pickup and followed right behind us when we got out. We were already adopted!

We named her Little Orphan Annie. And you know what baby animals eat, don't you?

That's right, they drink milk. So..how do you think we fed her, her milk? Remember, she was a baby. We fed her from a baby bottle, just like the bottle your Mom feeds your baby brother or sister from. Little Annie loved her baby bottle and would come running when I called her name and showed her the bottle. She knew good things came in that bottle.

So Annie grew up in the yard with the dogs, Maggie, Charmin and Toby. Annie played with all three and sometimes acted just like a dog. They would all race around the yard and Annie would jump up in the swing, which would swing wildly. Then she was down and they were off racing around again!

Annie loved the neighbors and was on very friendly terms with them. Whenever she saw them coming up the street, she would go to the fence to be petted and fed. They always brought her good things to eat, like grape leaves, carrots and lettuce. You know of course, that goats will eat most anything, except tin cans, they really don't eat metal, they only eat the labels because they have paste on them. Annie loved all that food and attention.

She grew up to be a big goat but she never forgot who her Mama was; me. Anytime I called her name, her head would pop up and she would come running. She was smart and into everything that she could reach.

And she could reach plenty! One time the pool maintenance man came to fix the pump and as he was bent over, no, she didn't butt him, she yanked the papers out of his back pocket and away she ran, with him in hot pursuit! She ate part of the papers; probably our bill for the repairs. ;-)

Another time, I was in the sunroom and I saw Maggie go by, then I saw Charmin go by and then Toby went by, and they were all on the wrong side of the fence! And then I saw Annie! They were all out of the fenced yard. Annie had flipped the latch on the chain link gate and let everyone out! She was so proud of herself, grinning and twitching her tail. I had to be careful to always put the hook in the latch to prevent her from doing that again, because she never forgot how to flip the latch and was forever trying to let them all out. Too smart!!

Little Orphan Annie has known all over our neighborhood, she made us all famous! So when the great flood of 1998 came, her friends remembered and came to her rescue. Our house was on Lake McQueeney and the Guadalupe River in McQueeney, Texas, and in 1998, the river and lake flooded. We received 35 inches of rain in a 24 hour time period and it all came down the Guadalupe River.

The water came up very quickly and our dogs swam to us and came in through the window but Annie was scared and wouldn't come. My husband waded out and cut the chain link fence and lead her up the street, intending to tie her to a tree on higher ground. We had no idea the water would get so deep.

Some new neighbors, who had built a really fine home, saw Jim and Annie and asked what he intended to do with her. Jim said he would tie her up till it was all over. Our new neighbor didn't know us but he knew Annie. He said," No way, bring her over here, we'll keep her at our house". And it's a good thing they kept her, because the water got really deep and she would have drowned!

When all the water had receded and people were coming to see about us, the first thing they asked was, "Did Annie survive"! So you see, she was quite popular.

Now....I have used the words was and were and that probably sounded like Annie wasn't around anymore, that maybe she had gone to animal heaven. NO NO NO.Annie is still alive and doing well.

She will be 11 years old in October, 2003 and still plays with the dog and has a good time. Now though, she has some new playmates. Pepperoni, a miniature donkey and Billy, a miniature male goat. Now, Annie had never seen another goat, she thought she was the only one in the whole wide world! So when we brought Billy home, she ran from him, even though he was just a baby.

We thought Billy was a baby! He was older than he looked. We thought he was too young to be a daddy, but were we ever wrong! His miniature size fooled us and after a few months, he was the right age to be a daddy. So after almost 11 years, Annie became a mother for the first time!

If you have been looking at the pictures, you have probably already identified Annie. She is the big white goat, Billy is smaller and Pepperoni is there too. Both Billy and Pepperoni were very interested in Annie's new baby.

The new baby's name is Sissy and she was born July 26, 2003 and already she and our only dog, Cricket, are good friends. One question though, how does a white mama and a white daddy have a brown baby? Let's look at some pictures of that eventful day.


Annie goat with baby Sissy

Sissy is a few minutes old and is very wobbly trying to stand up. Annie made little soft grunting noises in talking to Sissy. I wonder what Annie was saying to her new baby?

Probably comforting things like; I'm your mama and I love you and I know your little legs are wobbley but keeping trying to stand. Annie was bonding with her new baby.

Sometimes, when an animal is such a pet like Annie is, they forget their instincts and refuse to be a mama, but not Annie. She knew just what to do and is a good mama to Sissy. Pepperoni is in the back but Papa Billy is coming to investigate.




Billy and Pepperoni have walked around to the other side of the shed to get a closer look. Sissy has fallen several times but quickly struggles to her feet. We kept expecting Annie to have another kid, they usually have twins, but Sissy was the only one.





Papa Billy gets up close for a really good look at his little daughter! Pepperoni's hind legs are also seen. Annie didn't seem to mind the company.






Billy wanted to play but his playmate is too small. The next day, Billy was separated from them because he played too rough. Pepperoni is the watch dog or should I say, the watch-donkey. A donkey's nature is to protect. That's why ranchers have them with their sheep, goats or cattle. They keep coyotes, wolves or dogs from harming the flock or herd. Pepperoni sometimes will get between us and Sissy, protecting her.





Annie loves her baby! Sissy has already learned her name and comes to the back door when she hears our voices. She is still small enough to step through the fence. Now..don't tell anyone, I have a secret that only you and I can share. Promise you won't tell? OK.... here it is. Sissy sometimes gets to come in the house and play with Cricket. Yes, a goat in the house! What would your Mom think of that?!

Hope you liked my true story. *_*

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