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My Life Story


Hello, my name is Cricket and I am a lap dog. I've been accused by some, of being a very large lap dog. Some lap dogs are small and sit so prim and proper on a person's lap. Not me. I have extra long hair and weight a hefty fifteen pounds and I can fill any lap to overflowing.

Nevertheless, nevertheless....I like that word. I'll have to use it again sometime. Nevertheless, I will try anything to get on my mom and dad's lap. And the fact, that, I do have long silky hair and wear a bright red bow in my hair makes me irresistible and they just give in and load me up on their lap.

I reward them by leaving them something to remember me by; long silky doggy hair all over their clothes! I love it!!

Now...this long silky doggy hair does get me in trouble. I hate beauty shop day with a purple passion, almost as much as I hate their left-over spaghetti that gets dumped in my bowl. So I have to endure, BEAUTY SHOP DAY, to get to go sight seeing with them. Mom wants all dirt, fleas, grass, whatever, off of me if I'm to go in the pickup. So I'm in for it!


Mom says sweetly, "Come on Cricket, lets fix your hair". Fix my hair nothing, it's the torture chamber for me. I know what's coming! If she thinks that sugary voice makes it ok, she's WRONG!

But, it's up on the table( i.e. torture chamber) for me. As a last ditch effort to save myself, I put on my poor pitiful dog act. You know the look, you've probably used it yourself. I make my ears droop and I won't lift my tail up over my back and my eyes, well...this is where I really pour it on, they have this slightly condemning, don't you feel sorry for me, look.


Rats, she's hard hearted! What does it take to get a little sympathy from her?! There's one trick I have never tried, but I might some day. It goes like this; I moan and whimper while pulling my lips back to show my teeth, not in a threatening way of course, just a pitiful grimace, then, keel over on my side and slowly roll over till all four feet are sticking straight up in the air!

But, I just can't bring myself to do it. Maybe I'll bite her hand instead. Nope, she won't let me get by with that, that's for sure! BEAUTY SHOP DAY, I hate it!! But I love going in the pickup!


But finally the ordeal is over. I'm bathed, dried, brushed, combed, defleaed, trimmed and perfumed and end up looking a picture perfect show dog! WOW, do I look good! And for the fact that, I am a girl, I get a bow in my hair. A red bow. Don't you just love my big round brown eyes. :-)




So the ordeal is over and the sight seeing ride begins. To say I am excited is an understatement! I can't wait to get in the pickup and I dart out as soon as the gate is opened. Well, I know better than that, Mom yells, "Come right back here Cricket, who said you can run out of the yard like that"? So she makes me come back and sit there like a good little doggy till she says," OK, now you can go."

I have to mind, she won't let me run out of the door or gate till she says so. I can't even jump out of the car till she says so. But when she says I can, I make a fast furious run for the pickup and hit that back seat like a mac truck. Am I happy! I try not to drool.


Once in and the doors safely shut, I'm all set for the ride. I get the backseat all to myself and I sit by one of the windows and watch the scenery. There are very interesting things out there! Things that are large, with four legs, a long swishy tail, horns, long tongues that they can lick their noses with, (ugh....on second thought, I do that too!!!), ugh anyway, they don't bark like me, they make mooing sounds. Weird huh?! I have learned what they are. Mom taps the window and says, cows, cows and I jump for the window to see them.


It's the favorite part of my ride, watching cows. Mom taught me another word too. Cat. Boy, I really spring into action when I hear that word! But all I get to do is watch them from the window, no chasing allowed.

We always have our snacks when we go riding. They munch on chips and soda pop and I have my water and treats. It's great when I've just got through getting a big drink and Mom says cows, cows and I jump up front and sling water all over them. My hair is long and holds a lot of water. As a matter of fact, I have tried to see how long a trail of water I can make at home when I've gotten a drink. So far I've managed a four foot long stream. Heh heh.

I heard them say they would teach me a new word, train. There are only about 25 trains a day that go through our little town. I'll catch on easy to that one.

You might like to know how extensive my vocabulary is, I know a lot of words. Such as; stay, sit, where's your toy, go get your sock, want a drink of water, time to eat, treat, want a treat, lay down, get down, be still, let's see (if I'm dirty), NO, ok, do you want to go, go get Mom, go get Dad, roll over, dance, cow and cat. I think I'm pretty smart. Mom and Dad thinks so to.

This is the end of the start of my LIFE STORY. I'll have more tales or is that tails to tell at another time, so come back often and lets visit.

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