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The Story of Little Orphan Annie and Her Baby Sissie

The baby girl goat no one wanted.

Part Two

At three weeks of age, Annie's new baby, Sissy, has grown a lot. She has nearly doubled her height.

Baby Sissy, Annie, Billy



Do you remember our secret; that sometimes I let Sissy in the house, to play with Cricket? I hope you haven't told anyone!! What would people think!? ;-)


Sissy loves to get in the house and comes to the gate and cries to come in. Did you know that a baby goat is called a kid and it sounds just a little human kid when it cries?


Once, when we were visiting, I heard crying over at the next farm house. I said that someone was crying over there. My husband said that it was just a kid. A while later, the kid was still crying and I said that someone needs to see about that child. My husband laughed and said it's not a child, it's a kid, a baby goat!


So Sissy plays on our sympathy by crying and we let her in. But she is not behaving herself. As you can see in the pictures, she is in to everything.

Nibbling on the sofa pillows!! This won't do.


Cricket likes to play with Sissy. They race around the yard just like Annie did with Maggie, Toby and Charmin. Cricket is a shih-tzu, like the other three dogs.



Sissy looks like the royal queen sitting on her throne!


The artificial flowers must have looked like the real thing because Sissy kept nibbling and yanking them out of the vase.


Lots of playing going on.



This is Cricket, caught in a big yawn. She tries to take care of Sissy too. When Cricket hears Sissy crying, she runs to the fence to see what's wrong. And then Pepperoni comes over to see what Cricket wants. And then Annie comes to see what all the hub-bub is about. So, Little Orphan Annie's baby, Sissy, creates lots of attention for herself.


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