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I have been a painter and teacher for over twenty years. Having come to art rather late, in my thirties, I have tried to make up for lost time! An art professor said in reply to my lament over the lost time, that our own maturity played a big part in our artistic growth and that an artist is about where he/she would have been anyway! So I stopped grieving and went on painting!


My education consists of private classes, workshops and college level instruction. Anytime that I would find a really good teacher, I would set in for a while. But I discovered, that to develop my own style, I must paint and work mostly on my own. I realized I would have a difficult time finding my own style if I was always taking lessons.

Someone once said, "you cannot teach anyone art, you can only teach them to paint". A teacher sets out the rules and guidelines as to what makes a painting work. They show the student how to handle their brushes, mix paints, stretch canvas, prepare paper, and so on. And then it is up to the student.


I have shown paintings in galleries in Atlanta, Macon and St.Simon's Island, Ga..In Ashville, N.C., San Antonio, Wimberley, Houston, Kerrville and Salado, Texas.

Also participated in numerous art fairs and festivals, juried and non-juried, museum exhibits, Science Museum in Macon, Ga. and the Hummel Museum in New Braunfels, Tx.(now defunct)



I have maintained a working studio for twenty years and taught lessons to both children and adults.

Also taught continuing education classes at Gordon Military University, in Barnsville, Ga. and Texas Lutheran University in Seguin, Texas.

To help my young art students to really learn, I taught them the same things I taught the adults. I did not give them crafty projects calling it art. They learned all about blind contour drawing and drawing by really looking, learned to mix paint, do monoprinting, all that the adults were taught, these kids were also taught.


My own work is always evolving! I first began to paint in oils, then went to watercolors, then acrylics. I've done wildlife, still-life, abstracts, semi-abstracts, landscapes, and a few portraits.

Even thought the medium changes, my style is recognizable. My palette has gotten brighter and more colorful, with lots of red. Those red paintings sell very well!

Currently I work in oil and watercolor, and also do terra cotta sculpture. All of this keeps my interest revved and hopefully helps to produce better art work.


I have included a few free art lessons designed for the beginner to intermediate art student, child or adult. You won't find paint along projects, but instructions to help you make better art using methods the old masters used.



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